Spiti Valley Snow Leopard Tour

Spiti Valley Snow Leopard Tour

Day 1
Reach Chandigarh before 12 PM. Meet at the common point either at the airport or the train station. Leave for Rampur. Lunch at Parwanoo Timber Trail hotel. Stay at Nau Nabh Heritage hotel in Rampur. The drive from Chandigarh with a lunch and tea break is 8 hours. Rampur height is 4000 feet. Guests stay on double occupancy.

Day 2
We leave Rampur at 7 AM with packed breakfast and drive to Tabo which is at 10,500 feet. This stop is to acclimatise the guests. We will halt midway for lunch. The stay will be in a clean and functional home stay. Guests stay on double occupancy. It is 10 to 12-hour drive depending on the weather and road conditions.
Day 3 - Day 8 (6 Nights)
Early next morning, we will visit the Tabo monastery before moving to Kibber. Kibber is at 14,500 feet.

On the way to Kibber which is a 2-hour drive, if there is any sighting, we will drop you off and get you ready for photography. The porter and guide will come and help you but it is better to go up, settle in and come back once acclimatised as any exertion can lead one to mountain sickness. So depending on how difficult the sighting site is to reach, we will decide.

Once settled in your rooms at the home stay in Kibber, you can go for a short walk around the village to familiarise oneself. In the afternoon, if there is any sighting, we will take you to the site. Mostly, we use Maruti Suzuki Gypsy so that it is convenient for the guests instead of hiking. There will be some points like 100-400 yards one may have to walk while reaching the snow leopard site. There is also Yak available in case one is comfortable to ride one.

Generally, the daily routine is as follows :
Morning tea/coffee around 6:30 AM and one has to be ready by 7:15 AM for breakfast. The spotters come for a meeting by 7:15 AM and set out for the snow leopard sighting sites. Once the breakfast is done, the guest can step out to see Blue Sheep, Red Fox and Ibex. Generally, we encourage everyone to stay close to the home stay till they have one good sighting of snow leopard and then pursue other wildlife.

Lunch is generally served at the snow leopard sighting site. If there are no sightings, on some days, we will stay back at the home stay and have lunch there.

Dinner is always at the home stay. In between the meals tea/coffee/snacks are served at the site and in the home stay. Mineral water is provided free of charge throughout the trip. Each room has a wood fired hot stove and electric heater for heating. Each bed has an electric blanket. Heavy quilts are provided. Bath towels are also provided. There is generator set if the electricity goes out.

There is no running water in winters. Hot water will be provided for freshening up every day. For use of toilet, it is a dry toilet. Wet wipes and toilet paper is provided. Bathroom is separate and hot water will be provided in case someone wants to take a bath.

A porter is provided for each guest. You don't have to lift anything. Your camera is carried by the porter and he will also carry your daytime camera bag/ back pack. Extra scanner guides for maximum chances of quick and confirmed sighting. You will be provided with a walking pole and a chair/stool while sitting down for photography. A tent is also pitched in case one has to lie down. Insulated mats are kept inside the tent.

Oxygen tank is also carried along with the group while going to the sighting site. Oxygen saturation measurement device for any symptoms of shortness of breath. The escort will watch over you and available for any issues. There is arrangement of dropping the guest to lower altitude if suffering from mountain sickness or shortness of breath.

Any detour up to 30 kilometres for new or different sites for Snow Leopard sighting. Any extra help needed or extra trips by the helpers to get equipment or other essential items from the home stay to the sighting site. This is the routine for 6 days.

Day 9
Early morning departure from Kibber to Rampur. Stay at Nau Nabh Heritage hotel.
Day 10
Early morning departure from Rampur to Chandigarh to catch the flight to go home.

  • Tips & Gratuity.
  • Other than first aid, any medical emergency has to be borne by the guest.
  • Emergency travel due to any issue.
  • Alcohol or related items.

  • One has to take Diamox 250 mg twice a day 3 days before the commencement of the trip and three days in to the trip so that there is no acute mountain sickness. In case of any guests having any medical problems, please consult your doctor regarding taking this medicine. One is rapidly going to a higher elevation in 48 hours so one needs to take this precaution.

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